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Support Request


Dear Customer,

With regards to our privacy policy on personal data we refuse to accept files that either,

1. contain personal data,
2. do not comply with the general policies regarding the treatment of personal data from the company you work for or client that you represent.

However, circumstances may occur which let you no option other than to supply us with one or more files that do not meet some or any of the above stated criteria. For this reason we would like you to let us know what’s relevant via the statements right.

We handle all your files in the strictest confidence and will never supply these, or parts of them, to other parties. Your files will only be treated by us for support purposes with the sole aim to help/assist you in using our products.,

We remove your files as soon as a support case is terminated and automatically when a period of 2 weeks has passed without any communication taking place between you and us regarding the support case for which the files were supplied by you

As soon as we have received your confirmation we will send you a protected link that you can use to safely upload your file(s).