Caseware IDEA

Get To Know the FEC in Caseware IDEA

“Data Analysis – Using What You Know”

Learning new software can bring up feelings of anxiety or even stress, because you "just want to get on with it". This webinar is designed to alleviate those feelings by introducing and demonstrating how familiar CaseWare IDEA is compared to other similar products. Hence the title of this webinar 'Using What You Know'.

Whether you are considering using CaseWare IDEA, as a new user of CaseWare IDEA or even an experienced user of CaseWare IDEA, this webinar will serve as an introduction and refresher on CaseWare IDEA, its applicability and similarities to other well-known products.

"Fact! Data is never clean"

Two of the most overlooked tasks in the data analysis process are the data cleansing and data preparation tasks. Performing an analysis without cleansing the data can lead to data complexity and therefore a waste of time.

This webinar will explain how to clean up date data, time data, numeric data and character data. Too much data can also be a problem. How to clean up a specific dataset?

This webinar will also explain how to clean up a specific set of critical data.

“Data Analysis – Validating Data for Analysis”

The data must be validated before starting the actual analysis. Performing an analysis without validating the data can lead to data complexity and therefore loss of time.

Data validation includes checking data quality, data accuracy and data completeness. CaseWare IDEA offers automated and manual options to perform this task.

This webinar highlights the features within CaseWare IDEA that can help you validate your data.

"Standard & Advanced Analyses with IDEA "

With the release of CaseWare IDEA 12, users now have immediate access to more resources offered by CaseWare and its network of global partners.

The CaseWare Passport, the global support website, provides access to the IDEA Script Vault, Python scripts and resources, custom features, tech tips videos, tutorial videos and white papers among many other useful tools and resources.

Accessible only through IDEA, the IDEA Lab is CaseWare's advanced analysis environment. Free to download and use, users can perform outlier analysis, relative size factor analysis, fuzzy joins, range joins and automatic conversion of foreign currency to a base currency for analysis.

This webinar highlights CaseWare Passport and IDEA Lab so users can get more out of using CaseWare IDEA.